Head Coach

Jakub Petr

November 27, 1973,
Ostrava, Czechoslovakia

Graduated from the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport of the Charles University in Prague, studied also at Clarendon Business College in Sydney, Australia. Played on the youth teams of HC Vítkovice Steel and HC Havířov, also played in minor hockey leagues in USA and in Sydney Bears in AIHL, Australia. Later he was a coach of youth and junior teams in HC Havířov and Sydney Bears as well as the assistant coach of Sydney Bears Senior Team and Australia National U18 Team and as the head coach in HC Vítkovice Steel Pee-Wee, HC Vítkovice Steel U18 and HC Vítkovice Steel U20. He was the assistant coach and the general manager of the U16, U17 and U18 Czech National Teams, the head coach of the U18 Czech National Team (silver medal, IIHF World Championship U18 2014) and actually is the assistant coach of HC Vítkovice Steel.


1980-1989 HC Vítkovice Steel  
1989-1993 HC Havířov, HC Vítkovice Steel  
1998-2000 HC Havířov  
1998-2000 Minor Hockey Leagues USA  
2001-2006 Sydney Bears  


1995-1997 mites and squirts HC Havířov Coach
1998-1999 development league USA Coach
2003-2006 youth teams Sydney Bears Coach
2005-2006 senior team Sydney Bears Assistant coach
2006-2008 pee-xee HC Vítkovice Steel Head coach
2008-2010 HC Vítkovice Steel U18 Head coach
2010-2011 Czech Ice Hockey Association Regional coach
2010-2012 HC Vítkovice Steel U20 Head coach
2015-2016 HC Vítkovice Steel Assistant coach
2004-2006 Australian Team U18 Assistant coach
2009-2010 Czech Team U16 Assistant coach and general manager
2010-2011 Czech Team U17 Assistant coach and general manager
2011-2012 Czech Team U18 Assistant coach and general manager
2013-2015 Czech Team U18 Head Coach
2015-2016 Czech Team U20 Head Coach